About Us

We are a large Food Company, specializing in producing high quality consumer products.

Founded in 1997 by Mr.G.D. Gupta, the company's first plant was a cold storage unit - The Omar Cold Storage.

This was followed up by a venture into Whole wheat Flour & Gram flour manufacturing.

The Roller Flour Mill Unit was the next step. We are known for manufacturing premium quality wheat products. Customers prefer our products for quality, consistency and timely supply. Our innovative outlook to milling and commitment to quality enable us to introduce new and enriched products.

Currently, we are bringing in the latest automation systems and setting up a new fully automatic unit to meet high demands and to maintain the high quality of our product.

Our Vision

We manufacture food that is safe, nutritious and wholesome. Every step of the way, we understand the requirements of our clients to ensure we meet their expectations.

We are committed to creating a healthy work environment for our employees and constantly encourage them to learn new skills and share ideas.

Provide our customers with the cleanest and healthiest food.

Be a preferred product in our field, and provide an environment that challenges our selves to learn, grow and prosper in an atmosphere of respect and recognition.

Preserve and showcase our agricultural heritage, and protect local economic interests including the development of surroundings.

The entire process is mechanized, in accordance with the best..

Maintain sensitivity to environment